Hiya from the Virgin Valley Opal Mining District which is located in Humboldt County, Nevada.  Black, White, Crystal, Fire and Precious Wood Matrix opal has been mined here since the 1900s "discovery" in America. I came to Virgin Valley in 1993 from Klamath Falls Or and pegged the Swordfish claim group while living out of my car selling gems in the campground. I then joined up with Leah Brashear and her family who first came here with her mom Marie and Grandparents. There been have various tribulations and trials that have taxed our patience and resolve, but I'm still here.  Leah is survived by Marie, her mom, Crystal & Richard,  her children. They are still mining on their family claims and are working with me in the world opal marketplace to have Virgin Valley Opal given more respect.

     Before I go on; I need to state: I am a miner selling claims, not some wannabe "expert" out of state. If you need that kind of person in your life, this place may not be for you. PERIOD. I love ex-military and law enforcement clients and buyers.  I'm an expert, not a papered school one, unless you count my BA in Industrail Arts. I'd refer to you to COMPETENT legal advice such as my neighbors the Fee Dig mines have on retainer. This whole rockhounding business is only as complicated as you make it. The state tries to regulate us as BLM can't on NWR federal property which brings up a point - EVERY LAW BROKEN HERE IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE. You pay your fines back to Philidelphia or go to court in Carson City, Medford or Salt Lake City to justly fight false accusations or to be a weasel lying or lawyering your way out of your responsiblity for the crime and fine. Nevada Mining Law was the pattern for federal mining regulations, so we are inspected regularly and managed just fine setting good precedents. On the other hand the NWR staff has proven themselves unable to grasp the basic fundamentals of the mining laws or even take claim jumpers or caught thieves of millsites into custody without telling us to call the Sheriff first, but then they DO tag along for entertainment. Don't even bother asking for ANY rockhounding information. They are not interested in making their WILDLIFE ONLY refuge any more popular with rockhounds and the other multiple use groups of people who let them in be control. Never thought thy'd just start making up rules to run us out off our mines. So in closing, obey the laws and they can't hurt you, write your congressmen to save our state gemstone for rockhounds and they can't hurt us either.

      2014 FEE DIGGING Season Has a new mine at Kokopelli Opal Mine.  Kokopelli Opal  is by appointment only (or trespassing arrest). $160 a day for adults bank digging & breaks for youngsters, seniors, and military. There is a pre paid discount online at their site.  I have a limited authority as their agent. We are friends, not associates in business there. Keep ALL the opals you find for what you already paid!  Gem opals AND wood layers both to mine. Details on website. The owners Tim and Donna Church bought the claims from me and regardless of name, we aren't related. I will help with their operation when needed by their absence or scheduling. He markets the bulk opal and runs the equipment from there and his other diggings.

      The brilliance, size, and qualities of the precious Nevada opals play of color is unique. It occurs as wood replacements, veins and nodules that offer both collectors and cutters unparalleled variety. Opal is a mineral pseudomorph (meaning it fills holes) and can often be exactly lifelike. Sometimes opal bones are found from the Miocene Period. (No native miners.). There isn't a big supply of cutting rough from all these mines put together.  Most all the opal here is mined and consumed by the rockhounds and the few jewelers who specialize in our favorite fossil.

      YOUR luck, skill, and effort are the factors of which mine to go to, or which claim to buy, and then what opals you'll come away with. We all have fair offerings, but each Fee Dig is different from the others. They all have their own nature, facilities, and operators to experience.  Swordfish Mining links to all of their sites to make it easier for you to contact them directly. You have to work hard for what you MAY find, so don't give up. Some opals are available in the gift shops. Ask the owners your questions about their dates, times and fees. Opal is where you find it, the best may come from anywhere and is certainly not unearthed yet.

     20% MILITARY DISCOUNT ON ANY MERCHANDISE I SELL.  I need to know you're active enlisted, or retired after a full career. A copy of your ID with proper redaction for privacy and you will be fine.  THANKS to all our guardians of freedom. I'll discount  $1,000 off any of the mining claims I personally owned, for you risking your lives in the past or now for my freedom. I can't extend this to the consigners of goods not mine.  

     I accept checks, cash, gold & silver at current market rates less 10% transaction fee s all metal dealers charge, and credit cards through Paypal. Wire transfers to my banks general ledger account for large amounts from probable spammers are arranged.  Personal and business checks need to clear your bank before shipment is made. You agree to not stop payment through credit agencies and use the fair refund policy.   No SPAM is ever sent or any address sold to marketers.  As the sole proprietor, without employees, dba Swordfish Mining;  I am the designated official for everything, including the Homeland Security Regulations contact. Federal government tax and cash transaction reporting laws apply to me just like you. Don't ask for me to not report transactions or undervalue shipments internationally. Nevada residents pay our 6.85% sales tax unless you present tax exemption certificates.      STOP the Internet sales tax; unless one universal tax act replaces ALL other taxes.

     When e-mailing me:   PLEASE USE AN OPAL RELATED SUBJECT. Contact  usopal (insert @)  or  clodbreaker   gmail. Or
call me at  1-775-941-0725 Pacific Time Zone. Please leave a message and I will call you when I return. Not a store, not any signs at home.    
Gem Precious Opalized Wood Bead Gem Precious Opalized Wood Bead.
Gem Art Play of Color Wood  All Opals will appear much more colorful and brighter when in hand.
No photo shopping or even color balancing has been done to any images. Any cracks or treatments are disclosed. Provenance certificates will be issue by me on the strength of my honesty.

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