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 ESTY shop link: Mind you there and here are suggestions for you to call me and see if I can't personally please you. Hardly ever sell anything with EBAY auctions but my ID 100 % positive is  opalminers
Hiya Hiya from Virgin Valley Nevada, USA. The Virgin Valley Opal Mining District in Humboldt Co has been mined for Black Opal, White Opal, Crystal Opal, Fire  Opal and Precious Wood Opal since the 1900s and it has been suggested by the Chinese explorers before Columbus. Swordfish Mining, me, began operations in 1993 on the Swordfish claim group. Selling gems in the campground or allowing Fee Diggers has since been deemed permittable and will continue. I fell head over heels for Leah Brashear (RIP 2005) and her family, that with her mom Marie and Grandparents, had established several good digs and a millsite in the 70s we lived on for a decade. (Leahs' eulogy is back on the about me page.)

     I'm an opal prospector and miner who can find you a precious opal.  By selling claims on the deposits never dug, there are more miners like there has always been. I extend a heartfelt 20% Military Discount on everything I sell.  I'm a boots on the ground expert, not a internet seller. This whole casual use opal mining business is only as complicated as you make it and I'm working with the Sheldon Management to get any rules or regulations that might apply published.

      The past 2014 season had the Kokopelli Opal Mine getting into color.  Kokopelli Opal digging is by appointment throught their website.  Details on their website at The owners Tim and Donna Church bought the claims from me and we are not related.  Here at any of the mines, except the Opal Queen Mine where he has a 50/50 split policy, you keep ALL the opals you find for what was paid for the day.  All gem opal rough including semiprecious opalized wood is included in the entry fee.

      The brilliance, size, and qualities of the precious Nevada opals play of color is unique and varies. It generally occurs as wood replacements, more than veins or nodules. This offers both collectors and cutters unparalleled variety in a unique matrix; petrified wood. Opal is a mineral pseudomorph (meaning it fills holes when forming) and can make lifelike fossils, even bones and teeth can be replaced and the deeded mines have recoved many such items over the years.  Miocene Period from about 12 million years ago give or take a few. The genus of the plants are modern ones. There isn't a big supply of cutting rough from all these mines put together each year.  Most all the opal here is mined and consumed by the many rockhounds and jewelers who specialize in our favorite fossil - precious wood and the State Gemstone Black Fire Opal. The best opals are usually kept in water without drying as specimens due to changes all opal might go through after mining. Clarity changes, cracks as it relieves pressure drying and the ones that craze.

      YOUR luck, skill and effort are the factors of which mine to go to, or which claim to buy from me and then what opals you'll come away with. We all have fair offerings, but each Fee Dig is different from the others. They all have their own nature, facilities, and operators to experience, while the black precious opal might be found on every one any given day.  Swordfish Mining links to all of their websites to make it easier for you to contact them. You have to work hard for what you MAY find, so don't give up. Some opals are available in the gift shops here or online from other miners. Ask the owners your questions about their dates, times and fees please. Opal is where you find it, the best may come from any mine and is still out there to be found.

     20% MILITARY DISCOUNT ON ROUGH & FINISHED ITEMS OR OPALS THAT I SELL.  I need to know you're active enlisted or retired after a full career. A copy of your military ID with proper redaction for privacy works for me and you will be fine.  THANKS to all our guardians of freedom. I'll discount  $1,000 off any of the mining claims I personally owned, for you risking your lives in the past or now for my freedom. I can't extend this to the consigners of claims or goods that are not mine s I do represent several other owners here.  

     I accept cash, checks or credit cards through Paypal. Wire transfers to my banks general ledger account for any large sales to remove threat of fraud.   Checks need to clear your bank before the shipment is made an no overpayments are accepted. Note that stopping payment through any credit card company, when I have such a fair refund policy, implies you are less than honest and have committed theft if the goods were not already mailed back unopened or the delivery was refused.  No SPAM is ever sent or any address provided to me resold to any marketers.  As the sole proprietor, without employees, dba Swordfish Mining;  I am the designated official for everything, including the Homeland Security Regulations, Corp of Engineers water management, State or Federal Revenue Services or any other related agencies. Federal taxes and cash transaction reporting laws apply to me just like you. Don't ask for me to not report transactions or to undervalue shipments internationally. Nevada residents pay our 6.85% sales tax unless you present a current reseller tax exemption certificate.

     When e-mailing me:   PLEASE USE AN OPAL RELATED SUBJECT as I blacklist without reading spam. Contact Or call me at  home 775-941-0725 Pacific Time Zone. Please leave a message if I'm out mining and I will call you when I return.   
Gem Precious Opalized Wood Bead Gem Precious Opalized Wood Bead.
Gemstone Wood: all Opals will be more colorful and brighter when in held in hand.
No photo shopping has been done to any images. Any cracks or treatments are disclosed if present. Provenance certificates will be issued by me on the strength of my reputation in the district.

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