The mining district caught a storm!

First storm of Feb 2014

First storm of Feb 2014

Better give a little update to the news. Kokopelli Opal Mine has published some new pictures and announced the 2014 digging schedule. The fees are listed on their website with the numbers about the Senior, Children and Military discounts. $160 a day for adults. Their Facebook page is at They posted a few pictures of some of the wire wrapped stones and cut gems they have for sale. I really should get a store on my website, but in person is still the best way to pick gemstones. Online can be cheaper but it’s not always what you see.
We got 3 inches of snow last night and the roads are sloppy. It is supposed to be turning to rain in a couple days while freezing at night. The North facing mines will be un reachable for weeks if not months now. Swordfish Mining does have the first to dry out mine that produces Fire Opals. Snuggle up, it’s going to be a chilly week around here.

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Harvest Moon Musings…

Thats the spikey leaved thing.

locust looming

Another full Harvest moon has passed by. This year seemed longer for going faster it seemed than last year did. I know climbing the side of The Horn to sleep in a deer bed with spirits was getting old. No ticks tho’; must be doing something right. Gotta check the wolf too so she is not being sucked on and catch some nasty disease. Only got close to one unknown strange animal, a badger? We went another way, and heard coyotes, owls and burros off and on. Slept on the ashes of the dead so to speak and for all the wrong reasons I’ve never been taken there, so I don’t know where they actually are, but it was close. Nice view looking down on the whole Virgin Valley. Can really see the clay layers come and go under the mesa and into most of the mines. Well, either from up there or the edge of Rock Springs table on the south. The dawn was nice tho’ and frosty but not frigid yet. It has made the shift to fall and heater weather. Knees are not liking the coming down anymore. Got me a couple pounds of common opal and woods along with an arty face rock. Fee digging on the Kokopelli has been expanded by opening the bank right above the roads in 2 places for the lame to hobble to easier without having to chance driving a rental over rocks. We are producing solid opal limbs and glassy woods there and I’m getting more bright veins in woods to be cut from both of the paleo wood beds.

The Horn and northside from the Shhh Opal Mine.

Opal Mine in front of the North West side of Virgin Valley Opal Mining District, Humboldt Co NV

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Tours Available for more than opals.

I’m getting tired of digging opals by myself waiting for the business environment to finish the plans from last year…..Thunderstorms are tearing up the land and works been done to log off trees and clean debris. Harney Electric Co-op just trimmed the trees out of the wires last month so we were saved any flickering in town. There were at least 2 lightning fires in sight from town, 5+ acres up out of reach on Pueblo Mtn and some over the ridge in the Holloway Fire un burned area. Have not got out today to see if the little rain with the storms put them out. I know they did not turn toward town and get us fire fighters out. I left the Nomex in the car in case.

In any case I was just saying I’m in business if you want to hire me. I still have mining claims for sale and a couple nice areas on consignment that still need moved. If anybody (boy is traffic low this year) wants to dig on NEW dirt not the same old holes. We are the folks to call. Either Swordfish Mining or Kokopelli Oplas gets you here. If you do visit we would be glad to show off the new stones we are cutting and setting for next winters showings. Tuscon would be more likely if we a delivery to take. Opalised woods in common opal with only the occasional streak or soaking of precious are getting in my way at the warehouse. Like Arizona woods after dealing with the cracks and shapes, they chip, they tumble, they carve, they sit in blacklights giving a great show and never sunburn. But I digress. I need to go clear debris. Buy Opal – YOLO.

If it ain't mined it was grown.

Nevada Mining History

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Spin ’til yer spun! A dealers day is never done!

Made an update to the website today. More to be announced later. This also ended the tours for sale and how to find and mine opal tours. Sorry. This is all in house now. Consultations considered.

drool drool

33 gm Virgin Valley limbcast

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Delay of game penalty…

Hiya all; Just a short note to let you know we probably will not be ready to open for the Memorial Day Weekend opener with all we planned. If you have to dig on the Church Pews (The Kokopelli fee dig), call me to arrange a one on one tour there. Price is the same 125 a day, but more than one digger needed for me to drive out. The mine is being developed further from the pocket of precious opal we are on at present. I know we have the BIG bank in reach from the opal coming out, but we are not on the ground we want to offer yet. Stay tuned.

The Sun came out this week with Temperatures in the 90s. Supposed to go back to the 70s Monday. Dry Dry this year again. The mud will be from the thunderstorms only. As a teaser.,..We are making plans to be BUYING OPALS from diggers or cutting them after treatment on consignments. It will be less than the $50 or so a ct the Europeans charge for finishing Virgin Valley Opals. More to follow.

Precious opalized burl

Precious opalized burl

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Hiya all. The mud is almost gone and this weeks coming snow should not be a blizzard, I hope. The weather is just going to be wild, so plan for the unpredictable vacation. Adventure awaits and rockhounding gives you treasure to return with.

It’s official, Kokopelli opals will be open in June, if not on Memorial day weekend itself. (I will be gone a couple days across there). Final details will be posted on the website. The fee is going to be 125 a day to start, no limit on your finds. Tailings at this point are more prospecting the faces still. I have a bank there producing a pine cone an hour. From the actual pit the opal resembles the Royal Peacock Mine more than the Bonanza. Opal evaluation for cutting and treating of specimens are going to be offered by Brent (who used to run the Peacock fee dig) when he shows up to spend some time with us. The plan is for it to be attended all summer and I will fill in when they can’t be there, but until then you can still hire me for the day. My rates apply to the job being hired for. 2 diggers minimum to go mining or the claim/seminar tour.

Burrito Bistro

The winter team working the tailings.

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Christmas Wishes to all- Open online

Greetings and salutations everybody everywhere forever! I hope you find some love in your heart for yourself this year too. Peace is the goal. Heaven is the reward. The fire season is gone and the Virgin Valley ice season is upon us. Please start thinking about your summer vacation to Kokopelli Opal & Swordfish Mining guided precious wood, black and other color precious opals, fee digging. By appointment only at present, attended, opal harvesting the best way we can. You keep all you find after paying up front to try your luck. No mine limit! Multiple faces to dig in- Trees, total opal replacements, precious skins, common.

Blue Opalised wood Virgin Valley, Nv

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Sheldon NWR closed non maintained roads due to extreme fire danger. Opal mining at the Peacock Fee dig is still open (That access road is not on the open road map.) Details of the other closures in Oregon can be found at Swordfish Mining claim sales and tours are suspended until the imminent danger has passed. Thanks for your consideration.

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Huge Flourite

Hiya all.
Just a short note with a link to a page on mining a specimen.

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Holloway Fire Contained In Nv, Others still burn.

Hiya all;

We are smoked only, not incinerated. Thank all the fire crews (100s of men and women)that got the Nevada side of the fire under control, and the new fires that lit while they were here. Now they deployed up into Oregon to finish off the top half. This fire did burn all the way to the Long Draw fire from last month. It will go over 450,000 acres when it is all over and done I’m afraid. Quite a bit of “Sage Grouse habitat”, just got rehabilitated the way it worked forever. The folks around here figure it ruined around 20 ranches, the families will not be able to wait out the 3 years until they can put cows back on their allotments. The drought has the price of hay up so high, if you can find it, it is as expensive as gasoline. I have a fire sale on for 1/3 off in the show cases in town. It will end as soon as the fire does. It was a gesture to all them of appreciation for their hard work.

There is still smoke in the air from the other fires in Oregon and California which are up wind from here. The smoke is not so bad we are taking shelter with filters on yet. The Klamath Falls Rock and Gem club came out for a weekend at the gem opal mines. There were several nice pieces found but as always not enough…Color was found at my place if not greatness. The buckets from them have not been seen by me, so the might have a piece or two to cut like I found.

We were rained off my claim on Sunday by more thunder storms. In the afternoon it was better and I went back to get one I had been digging on when the rain started. It is almost impossible to leave color showing in the “wall” and leave. At least it did not start another fire. There was rain with this storm. This mine is where my current gem digging is going for the 100 a head fee, 2 person minimum.

End of the mining year so everybody who has a claim needs to make sure those little papers are filed everywhere on time with the fees (hope you don’t have to pay the lease fee of 140, but the law in writing says 100, but the BLM are wanting 189 or something each so don’t lose your claims because you sent a copy and not a small miners exemption with an original signature saying you are a small miner or …all your claims are gone if you don’t fix it just as they say.)

Looking East towards…


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