Fourth of July Weekend

Howdy all; Looks like the sun is coming out and we expect temps in the nineties. The digging has shown some nice finds so far. Last week I had the pleasure of re-assuring a Peacock digger their 12+ inch specimen really was going to be nice when cleaned up. He was afraid his was not worth all the days of digging and was going to stay more but this one was really worth it. (Another digger turned down 1,000 form the host for one they had found that day.) A mud covered multiple level opal with white clear and a large portion of black down one half. It was in many pieces and I told him how to approach drying and cutting or just specimen preparation and congratulated him on a great find. It may not have been night-bright but it had good multicolor fire with a flashlight.

I’ve heard tell of some nice things out of the loads at Rainbow Ridge too. I’ve found a few small things digging, but I’ve been more busy with my claims and buyers this year. I have also acquired a property I will escort fee diggers too. Custom parties, 150 a head, prospecting in the right new places. Common woods and opal guaranteed in the bucket from work and tailings even if you don’t get blacks in the bank.