October Frosting

Well, there are the coffin nails in another digging season. If opal is on the surface it is being frozen and thawed daily now. Proven stable or crazed; winter is the final exam. The fee digs’ billboards all have closed signs on them. The mines have been put to bed for winter and the maintenance is getting caught up. Individual miners are still running around.

I’ve put in another handful of claims. I am preparing to change Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal range of operations again. I am working in association with a new startup called Kokopelli Opals. Our partnership should bring more stones to light. There is a store on Opal Auctions with my name on it too. YAY. Now if I can learn to play like an adult haha. I just need the time to prepare the offers around my rough.  Funny how life gets in the way of life.

When my Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal is in major production; there will be no more tours or claim sales;  I will be mining and selling only and you should have hired me last year.  It’s not like the opals are not there waiting for us to find. At this point I am still taking claim tour reservations for the 2012 year with deposit only. A limited days Fee Dig (Like Spencer or Morrison Ranch) will be announced for 2013 when claim sales end.

I should warn visitors with play vehicles. The road to Mc Gee Mt thru the Bonanza millsite has been chained off; no warning signs or reflectors. So, if you are buzzing down a public road and miss that 90 degree turn down another way and get cut in half by a chain, they bad, they warned, they lose in court.


Green Fire cabin