Swordfish Mining Fee Digging

Hiya Everyone;

Opening day is getting closer at the big 3 fee digs while I have already had a customer.  The weather is just dandy. We did have snow for Cinco De Mayo, but it melted right off again in the valley. There is white on the mountains and the top of the Steens. Not too hot and in the 40s at night. The Opal Negra folks are on their way!

In case you missed them.. I’ve put up two more opal videos to Youtube. Google is forcing me to lose my existing accounts and user names to conform to their spying policys.  If they succeed I will have to republish everything on a new account. Thanks Mr Greedy and I appreciate you reading my mail to better target me for advertising…NOT.

A Contra Luz specimen :Contra Luz from Virgin Valley

http://youtu.be/wYAR6EKWiOA Link. The song is the owl and the pussy cat by The Prairie Home Companion. I forgot my camera had sound. New fangled toys!

Her is my best plume play of color that ONLY comes from HERE. And yes, it came from our mines, not any of the public fee digs. None are found in Australia, None in Africa of any great size, but they have some similar patterns, None in Mexico. You really have to be in America at Virgin Valley to find this quality of play of color anywhere near this big of size.

My outstanding black limb cast: Black opal with plume play of color.

No sound on this one as I forgot my camera has sound LOL.

I’ve opened up my premier wood claim in the valley for fee digging. I even found precious opal there, but it was in the tailings. There is only bank digging sold there as the tailings are so rich. They wer going fro precious and threw most woods behind them. If you have been to the other digs you will notice they do not have much wood  available. I have so much there, I have to limit it to 300 pounds a day with the standard fee. I have clean logs at my house  for 1 dollar a pound and up, depending on quality. Black centers are less than the cream or purple woods. Chunks, not rounds, 50 cents per pound.Also have multiple digging sites for custom day prospecting digging tours. Enough of the necessary commercialism….

The freeze pump at the shower will not run. The pond is fine.  We can still fill our containers at the lower spigot by the beaver, I mean McGee fishing pond or at the flowing well at the rest area. I’m not sure what the summer residents will do if the refuge enforces the questionable policy of not letting them fill up water trailers like they tried recently. The showers were still running the last time I looked in there last month. (I tend to soak at a hotter spring a few miles away.) It wasn’t vandals, but the locust tree there by the pond. It lifted the line up and separated it. A job for Friends of the Refuge or maybe even the refuge employees. Membership is free and the work is fun with good company. Made of hunters, miners, and visitors. These folks are responsible for the “small” maintenance there, while the refuge does the large, equipment type, things.

Speaking of equipment, the roads are all graded and waiting to bite your tires LOL. Don’t forget your spare, and a can of fix a flat might come in handy too. I tell people; I have always got at least one flat going over Idaho Canyon (Knott Creek Rd) to the Black Rock desert side. Two times Leah and I had to walk out because of 2 flats.  Well, to the Leonard Creek ranch for help from our friends there.

The fish are biting if the fishermen and the birds are any indication.  The pelicans have arrived to fatten up for the summer and our friends the herons are on their nest. The burros had a several of the cutest little foals already and a couple more look like they are ready to drop. The herds down on Jackass Flats by the Thousand Creek BLM Fire station are big and healthy. Hard to imagine the refuge trapping all the burros and horses off. But, they are proposing no horses or burros, on the about 600,000 acres here.

Seems like they have been here forever, but it has been less than a second to the antelope and deer populations. They hope to increase the native herds by removing the competition. We’re probably lucky the hog herds of the Virgin Valley Ranch in the past did not establish a wild boar population. The re-introduced beavers are probably what caused the extinction of the Virgin Creek cutthroats. Those canyon crreks are now choked with beaver ponds damming up the three creeks.  Well, they SAY they are killed off.  Which is humorous, There’s no fish there, so you are not allowed to fish there LOL. I was surprised at the size of the clam middens by some of the caves up there.

That is about all the news I have for today. I need to get outside and scrub off the logs from yesterday and see if one is the hunk that will make me a millionaire (chortle – snort). If you were wondering if I demand shares of anything, I do not. You will always get everything you dig out without having to give half to the mine. And you will always get to finish the day on whatever you find. Mine closes at 4 and that is final regardless of what mine you are digging here.

A car load of wood to process into specimens and products.
Purple woods from the fee dig

Gotta go. My neighbor is coming over with his tractor to re-bury my septic line where the wind uncovered it last month. Going to put rock over it this time and not just blow sand.