Erosion in my toolbox.

Could be another one of those wet summers here at the mines. Had to wait for the surface mud to be shoved out of the way yesterday still at Rainbow Ridge who was a week late in opening. The tailings are drying out nicely as long as you don’t wade in the puddles up on the tops of the piles. Found me a few opals worth pictures, but they are still in the buckets out in the car. Nothing was undried so no need to wet them again other than to scrub off the clay. That is what makes the domes vary in price so much – was the opal already dried and cracking before it was put on display in water or was it never allowed to be tested and may dry properly. ( To be polished or lumbered and stones constructed without having to worry about existing cracks first from trying to dry such a huge chunk of silica.) Been doing better than average on the surface hunting areas from the deluges. Photos after they get their bath.

Denio Jct Open again for Memorial Day weekend on.

Just a quick note as I have to get my beauty rest before playing in the mud digging for opals again in the morning. The Denio Jct has been reopened under new management, at a reduced level for a bit, no bar, but still have motel and meals and some supplies. *8am to 6pm* will call number for rooms after hours. Fields Cafe to the north East or Adel Store to the west is the only and nearest gas to be had.