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I’m getting tired of digging opals by myself waiting for the business environment to finish the plans from last year…..Thunderstorms are tearing up the land and works been done to log off trees and clean debris. Harney Electric Co-op just trimmed the trees out of the wires last month so we were saved any flickering in town. There were at least 2 lightning fires in sight from town, 5+ acres up out of reach on Pueblo Mtn and some over the ridge in the Holloway Fire un burned area. Have not got out today to see if the little rain with the storms put them out. I know they did not turn toward town and get us fire fighters out. I left the Nomex in the car in case.

In any case I was just saying I’m in business if you want to hire me. I still have mining claims for sale and a couple nice areas on consignment that still need moved. If anybody (boy is traffic low this year) wants to dig on NEW dirt not the same old holes. We are the folks to call. Either Swordfish Mining or Kokopelli Oplas gets you here. If you do visit we would be glad to show off the new stones we are cutting and setting for next winters showings. Tuscon would be more likely if we a delivery to take. Opalised woods in common opal with only the occasional streak or soaking of precious are getting in my way at the warehouse. Like Arizona woods after dealing with the cracks and shapes, they chip, they tumble, they carve, they sit in blacklights giving a great show and never sunburn. But I digress. I need to go clear debris. Buy Opal – YOLO.

If it ain't mined it was grown.
Nevada Mining History

Author: Swordfish Mining

Howdy, Howdy y'all. I'm John Church from Denio, Nevada and Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal on the web at I'm a precious opal mine owner, fee dig operator, prospector and claim salesman, craftsman. I'm a 50 something opalholic who actively is working here. Much more about the opals and me on the website as I have been living here and mining opals for 2 decades. Please come to Swordfish Mining for your Virgin Valley Opalised wood pictures, information, rough, and gemstones.

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