The mining district caught a storm!

First storm of Feb 2014
First storm of Feb 2014

Better give a little update to the news. Kokopelli Opal Mine has published some new pictures and announced the 2014 digging schedule. The fees are listed on their website with the numbers about the Senior, Children and Military discounts. $160 a day for adults. Their Facebook page is at They posted a few pictures of some of the wire wrapped stones and cut gems they have for sale. I really should get a store on my website, but in person is still the best way to pick gemstones. Online can be cheaper but it’s not always what you see.
We got 3 inches of snow last night and the roads are sloppy. It is supposed to be turning to rain in a couple days while freezing at night. The North facing mines will be un reachable for weeks if not months now. Swordfish Mining does have the first to dry out mine that produces Fire Opals. Snuggle up, it’s going to be a chilly week around here.

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