Soothing Summer Survey

Howdy Howdy; The digging has been perking right along despite the economic woes of many. Not getting out there near as much as I would like to this summer. The Opal Negra has re-opened from their short vacation. I’ve been busy with paperwork and rearranging the town castle and estate. Well, that and seeing the Steve Miller show in Harveys Stateline with a vehicle down on Saturday afternoon; seems It never gets down to my chores haha.

Julie from the Peacock Mine thinks traffic may be down a little or at least is not up. I would guess so. How many times have you seen gasoline prices go down in summer. It’s nice to know we are still an E ticket vacation destination, with travel time being the highest cost. I was hoping to work in after a black opal pocket but ended up trying to find the corner posts of a new development in the works here. The BLM has sent surveyors to find the real corners of the mining district boundaries, but it seems they do not mark them like they used to. Now you have to go on their website and get GPS coordinates instead of looking for the stakes. Mining maps are not allowed to use those easy to get numbers tho’ thanks for making my job slightly easier. To find where I have to measure off the angled distance instead of taking the numbers from where we stand.


Until next time here’s a core video.

Author: Swordfish Mining

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