Well 9-11 has passed and the mines are closing.

Hiya all. This is really justa short note to tell you that the Rainbow Ridge Mine has closed for the season and The Royal Peacock is not far behind. Another client has discovered precious opal on their claims. We’re looking for great things next year already. Next year could be the end of acquisitions and the start of gemstone production.

I also humbly submit my first gemstone auction on Opal Auctions. I can use the money. It’s one cute little stone located at http://www.opalauctions.com/auctions/usa-opal/virgin-valley-opals/item-283895 . Not a tops gem (this is an auction) but whoever wins it will love it for the price I’m sure.  360′ multicolor.

I hope the Postal Service keeps our local office open. How much can we whine that we live 100 miles from next town and parcel services. Until next time here is a little more eye candy.

drool drool
33 gm Virgin Valley limbcast

Author: Swordfish Mining

Howdy, Howdy y'all. I'm John Church from Denio, Nevada and Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal on the web at www.virginvalleyopal.com. I'm a precious opal mine owner, fee dig operator, prospector and claim salesman, craftsman. I'm a 50 something opalholic who actively is working here. Much more about the opals and me on the website as I have been living here and mining opals for 2 decades. Please come to Swordfish Mining for your Virgin Valley Opalised wood pictures, information, rough, and gemstones.

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