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Hiya everyone from the rustic and remote Virgin Valley in Nevada.  I’m a resident of Denio, NV and as a member of a small community wear several hats. Opal miner being under all of them.  I’ve been out here mining opal with my family friends and constant companions; my woofs. No one else is offering seminars on mining or prospecting precious opal here with many claims for sale. Interested? Stay tuned for updates…

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  1. Keith Hodson gave me your mine name and yours, John Church. I am Flora Lougheads great grandson. My dad, Allan Ledford, along with his mom, Hope Ledford (Loughead) and father Leroy, brother Oliver and sister Margret lived in a wash side 1 room shack around 1913 till 191?. Leroy worked in Flora’s Sunshine mine. We used to go out to exact place where their shack was and camp in the early 50’s. Dad would always reset the claim with a rock pile and tin with the claim note inside. Enough rambling. Is your mine on or near this site. I know it was opposite a great “chalk mountain” as we called it. The dugouts for animals could still be there. Can you help. Cheers. Loch

    1. Howdy Loch; Thanks for contacting me. I’m always interested in any history from here, but particularly yours. Yes, I still have the claims where she used to live. I’d like to retire there as a gentleman miner. That would be the one with the friends camped in front of the bluff to the S/O of her house, N/O the springs in the creek. The old rangers razed her place and mine. I saw the photo of her and the kids with the dogs and coyotes there and it matches. I’ve seen a few nails and some of the wire from her guinea fowl pen. You can write me at and I’m also on Facebook as myself.

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